Health Hub Connect is a 3rd generation matching system, along the lines of a, but for connecting healthcare and technology professionals who can help healthcare-related companies scale and grow.

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Join the UCSF Health Hub Community

It takes an average of 17 years to bring medical innovation into practice. The UCSF Health Hub community wants to change that. We are a network of healthcare leaders committed to accelerating next-generation healthcare innovation.

If you are a UCSF-affiliated start-up founder, and you are looking for support, Health Hub will help you get to your next milestone. We match you with the resources you need and help establish relationships with advisors, mentors with world-class skills, and qualified investors.

If you are a physician, researcher, or student looking to engage with external partners or start-ups, Health Hub will filter and curate opportunities in your specialty area or field of investigation

Once a Health Hub Connect member, you get your own member profile page that is only shared with other members in the Health Hub Connect community that match your critieria, i.e. great companies (they've had to qualify as a member too) looking for people like you.

You'll receive a few potential matches, one at a time. If you are interested, you will be connected privately by email. If it's a match, you can move forward and take advantage of our sample agreements and other ways to successfully engage.

It's up to you and the firm how long the relationship goes. Health Hub Connect will periodically send out tips and status requests and help ensure the relationship works.

Health Hub Members generally:

  • Have directly or in part been responsible for a company outcome over $50M, or have years of experience/contacts in a specific healthcare vertical niche
  • Have world-class skills in a health-influenced space
  • Know the ins and outs of Silicon Valley, hospital systems, FDA approval processes, or whatever you are seeking, and can point to multiple URLs that reference them
  • Have likely seen the 'unique' challenge you are facing a half-dozen times and have the scars on their back to prove it
  • Probably can quickly introduce you to the next best contact you can make
  • Are someone your peers would call 'bad ass'

Health Hub Connect is an enhanced version of Bad Ass Advisors but oriented just to healthcare related firms and advisors. For details see Bad Ass Advisors, launched in 2015 has been used by venture capital firms, multiple accelerators and independently to match thousands of ‘bad ass advisors’ worldwide to early stage companies and founders. Additional resources (sample contracts and tips) are available for review at the Bad Ass Advisors site. In addition, companies should consider consulting the Kulpulator ( compensation calculator, in the event of equity compensation and parties need some advice and direction. The Kulpulator was constructed with input from hundreds of venture capitalists and founders.